Get ready for a Gluten Free Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us, but there is still time to get prepared and make sure your Christmas is gluten free but also stress free!

Whether you are preparing for your own gluten free Christmas, or are having guest who requires a gluten free diet we hope this blog will help make things a little easier.

Top tips

Watch out for hidden sources of gluten

Check our our blog on how to avoid gluten in the festive period – including hidden sources of gluten.

Bake ahead

A great idea to have delicious homemade gluten free treats is to get organised and bake ahead of time.

Christmas cake is an easy gluten free option as it contains so little flour – check out our recipe for a gluten free chocolate orange Christmas cake.


Batch bake favourites such as mince pies, check out our delicious recipe for gluten free mince pies here – they freeze very well and can be heated gently from frozen.


We also have a recipe for gluten free Ginger bread, a fun treat to make and decorate with children.


If you have any questions or thoughts on being gluten free at Christmas please write us a comment! We’d love to hear from you.