Top Tips for a Gluten-free Christmas!


Christmas can be a tricky time of year for coeliacs or people who have a gluten intolerance. Eating out with friends or family can risk accidental gluten consumption.
To help you keep this Christmas gluten-free we have compiled our top tips including a list of hidden sources of gluten which may be useful to share with your host.
Top Tips

1. Plan ahead. Let everyone know your dietary requirements and send them useful advice, we love the Coeliac UK shopping guide. Calling ahead to restaurants can give them time to ensure they support your requirements and saves worry on the day.

2. Make or take your own. It can take stress off your host and keep your mind at rest to take some of your own gluten-free provisions, such as bread and mince pies. We often bake our own gluten-free treats and take these for everyone to enjoy. For inspiration check out our recipes. 

3. Be aware of hidden sources of gluten, and tell your friends, family and restaurants. Common hidden sources at Christmas include sauces and gravy thickened with flour, stock cubes, gravy granules, stuffing, sausages, flour coated roast potatoes, beer and mincemeat. Check the labels carefully.

4. Go fresh and simple by using naturally gluten free foods such as all meat, fish, gluten-free grains, nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s healthier too!

5. Prevent cross contamination, by explaining the risks of this to your friends and family who are often not aware. If you are staying over taking your own toaster bags can also be very helpful.

Finally, relax and enjoy yourself!
Wising you a very Merry Christmas from all at Lavida!