Bob’s Red Mill

We were very excited when we heard the story behind Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods and its founders Bob and Charlee Moore. What Bob and Charlee have accomplished within the food industry while remaining true to themselves and their own values is inspiring.

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc of Milwaukie, Oregon was founded in 1978 with the mission to move people back to whole grain foods. Bobs Red Mill Natural Foods produces simple, unrefined wholesome whole-grain foods that are high in nutrition and fibre.

The Story behind Bob’s Red Mill:

About Bob Moore, co-founder of Bob’s Red Mill:

Bob’s passion for health and belief in taking care of one another is as strong today as it was when he first started the business with his wife, Charlee, all those years ago. Bob plays a fundamental role in the daily operations of the business and his enthusiasm and ‘honest-to-goodness’ approach are shared with every of one his employees. It’s this passion for providing the very best nutritional whole grains that has helped make Bob’s Red Mill the leading name in health foods across the USA and Lavida is honoured to bring Bob’s Red Mill to UK and Ireland.

How Bob’s Red Mill Began:

Bob’s journey began serendipitously in the mid ’60s after coming across a book about old stone-grinding flour mills. His enthusiasm was immediate and he decided to find usable stone mills, which were becoming rarer due to the domination of high-speed steel roller mills. His persistence paid off. Equipped with several sets of millstones from an old North Carolina water-powered flour mill, Bob and his wife Charlee, began their first mill in Redding, California.

After a few years, they decided to pursue others interests and retired to Oregon City, Oregon in 1978. On an afternoon walk, Bob came across an old mill that, as luck would have it, had a big sign out front reading “for sale”. In just a few short months, he was able to source a beautiful old mill that could stone grind flours and cereals for local customers. Word quickly spread and Bob’s Oregon City based mill enjoyed much success until 1988 when a fire destroyed the building.

Never one to back away from a challenge, Bob knew he owed it to his family of employees and loyal customers to build the business again from scratch. Rising to the challenge, he spent many years growing the business to where they are today. Their current site located in Milwaukie, Oregon is a 320,000 square foot facility covering some seventeen acres and produces thousands of products each day, all made with the same good old-fashioned techniques our customers have come to love and trust since our beginning. It has a dedicated gluten free facility where all their gluten free products are carefully produced.

Bob’s Red Mill’s commitment to you:

Trust, honesty and integrity. These are the three principles Bob’s Red Mill’s business is built on. Their packaging is a great example of this commitment: their clear bags let you see the high quality of every one of their products. By producing the very best in whole grain foods, they are able to fulfill their commitment to help look after more and more people through better nutrition. Bob simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bob’s Red Mill’s gluten free commitment:

Bob decided to start producing gluten free products in the early 80’s in response to all the customers he had who despaired of being able to find good, nutritious and tasty gluten free food options. Bob’s Red Mill has since been praised again and again for their dedication to producing products that are free from gluten. People suffering from coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, or who are avoiding gluten for other health reasons can feel assured by the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free symbol on all their certified gluten free products. This symbol informs those following a gluten free diet that their products are produced in a dedicated facility free from wheat and other gluten-containing grains or derivatives. The symbol is only placed on those products that meet the CODEX standard of no more than 20 parts per million which they establish through the R5 ELISA gluten test performed in their quality control laboratory.Each product is tested before milling and after packaging. In an effort to better serve our allergen sensitive consumers, the gluten free facility is also dairy and casein free. Bob’s Red Mill has hundreds of gluten free recipes available on their website.

An Employee Owned Business:

Bob’s 81st birthday was particularly special. Rather than receiving gifts, he decided to give his greatest gift away — his business. Bob surprised all his employees by giving them total ownership of Bob’s Red Mill through an Employee Share Ownership Program (ESOP). For those who know Bob, it’s yet another example of his kind-hearted generosity. As Bob puts it “It was just the right thing to do. I have people that have worked with me for over 30 years and each and every one of them deserve this.”

You can rest assured that every Bob’s Red Mill employee is committed to sourcing, milling, testing, packaging, labeling and selling the finest products available. After all, it is their business.