Molino Di Ferro

Family owned Molino Di Ferro, are the proud producers of Le Veneziane, Italy’s best selling gluten-free pasta. For many years, coeliacs have had to tolerate inferior pasta, but as one happy customer says when we discovered Le Veneziane, real pasta came back onto the menu! At last whole families and groups of friends, including those intolerant of gluten, could all enjoy the same great Italian classic pasta dishes without compromising on taste, texture or quality. In fact, coeliacs and coeliacs alike all remark on how much better they feel when using this pasta, making this pasta ideal not only for coeliacs but for anyone wants to eat a lighter, gluten-free meal that is as delicious as it is healthy.

Le Veneziane is one of the very few pasta makers in the world who uses 100% corn — no wheat, no eggs, no added coloring, nothing but corn—to make their pasta. The company’s home is in the heart of the Italian Veneto countryside where the cultivation of corn (and its use in polenta) is centuries old. Over five generations of the Marconato family have passionately cultivated, harvested and milled the corn of this region. They still oversee each phase of production, guaranteeing that the quality ingredients and traditional flavors of the past remain in every tasty, healthy bite of their 100% corn, gluten-free pastas.

“Not only is this one of the only easily available Gluten Free Tagliatelles, but it is also fantastic. The first time I tried this I honestly thought there must have been some sort of factory ‘packaging mistake’ as I was convinced GF pasta couldn’t be as good as this. I’d actually go further and say this pasta is better than many of the cheaper normal wheat pastas available – real pasta is back on the menu!”

JB – on Amazon UK, 26/11/2012

What consumers say:

“Hello I have just enjoyed the best pasta meal of my life thanks to purchasing Le Veneziane gluten free tagliatelle.”

J Peake

“My wife has coeliac disease, so we have twenty-five years of shopping for gluten-free goods, and this pasta is the best g-f pasta we’ve had.”

AK Adam, UK

“Having eaten and loved this pasta in Italy, I was delighted that I was able to buy this at Amazon in the U.K.. The taste and texture is so good, it’s even loved by my non-coeliac family members too! I adore this pasta so much that I get angsty if I haven’t eaten it in a while!!!”

N Huggins, Amazon UK purchaser

“just a great taste , never fails great food for a gluten free diet cannot fault it very nice.”

N Southin, UK

“As a coeliac it is really difficult to find good pasta that doesn’t break up when cooked and has a lovely texture. I cannot buy gluten free tagliatelle in the shops and was really pleased that I could purchase this product from Amazon, with free delivery as well. All the non coeliac members of my family like it as well and cannot tell it is gluten and wheat free.”

J Tomkinson, UK

“When you believe that gluten free products suck you try this pasta and realize that there is no reason to despair, it is possible to find excellent gluten free food! I really like this pasta, it is even better than the normal pasta :)”

Laurita, Purchaser on Amazon UK

New Products

Le Veneziane recently added some really fantastic new products to their range including some pasta ready meals, an ideal solution for the office, camping or for those pressed for time, incredible ambient potato gnocchi and a range of low fat corn crisps!