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Is Corn Flour Gluten-Free?

Is Corn Flour Gluten-Free?

For those who love bread, pasta and tortillas but want to follow a gluten-free (GF) diet, there are an ever-increasing number of delicious options to cater to the staggering rise in gluten intolerance. 

First things first, is corn-flour gluten free? The answer is yes, cornflour is naturally gluten-free, as corn does not contain any gluten.

Read on to take a deep dive into the world of gluten-free corn flour and find a selection of our favourite GF corn flour recipe ideas and products.

What is corn flour and what is it made of?

Corn flour, also known as cornmeal in the UK, is a type of fine and smooth flour made from ground whole corn kernels. It is traditionally used in a variety of cultures as well as being a fantastic gluten-free alternative to wheat flour in the making of pasta, baked goods, and food preparation. 

Corn flour has a unique, earthy and slightly sweet flavour, similar to whole corn, that adds depth to any food it is used in. 

Is corn flour wheat-free?

Wheat is an edible grain commonly used in the making of flour and pasta. Since corn flour is made purely from corn kernels, corn flour is wheat-free. However, the risk of cross-contamination may be present in cases where corn flour is produced in a factory that handles wheat, so always check labels to make sure. 

What is corn starch?

Corn starch is often marketed as corn flour in the UK. Corn starch is a fine white powder obtained by extracting the starch from the endosperm of the corn kernel, by removing a majority of the fibre, protein, fat and other components naturally present in the kernel. 

Corn starch has a very fine and ‘squeaky’ texture and is commonly used as a thickener in sauces and desserts. 

Is cornstarch gluten-free?

Yes, cornstarch is extracted from corn kernels, which are 100% gluten free. As a result, there is no gluten in cornstarch. 

Can coeliacs eat corn flour? 

Yes, thanks to the fact that corn, or maize, is a 100% gluten free grain, derivates such as polenta, cornmeal or corn flour, and corn starch are safe for coeliacs. For safety, always check labels for warnings of cross-contamination. 

Is Corn Flour Healthy?

In the case of gluten-intolerant individuals, the biggest benefit of using corn flour to cook meals is that there are none of the negative side effects associated with the consumption of gluten found in traditional wheat flour. 

Gluten intolerance is symptomatic of headaches, fatigue, constipation, diarrhoea, and anaemia, among others. When you eat gluten-free, corn flour-based alternatives, you can enjoy delicious meals without having to risk your health. But what about the calorie and carbs content? 

Corn Flour Calories

Corn flour has 360 calories per 100-gram serving, while regular white flour contains 345 calories per 100 grams. However, this is a minor difference which should not worry those who are using corn flour to avoid gluten.

Corn Flour Carbs

Flour generally presents high levels of carbohydrates. Cornflour is generally higher than plain four in carbohydrates and in its glycemic index. As such, corn flour may not be indicated for diabetic consumers. As with any diet plan or illness, make sure to consult your doctor on what you should and shouldn’t be consuming.

On the whole, just like plain flour, corn flour is good in moderation - and there are some wonderful corn treats that you can enjoy as part of a healthy and balanced gluten-free diet.

What is corn flour used for?

Corn flour is a widely popular ingredient across many cultures and cuisines. It is also widely used to create delicious, gluten-free alternatives that provide delightful texture and flavours. Keep reading to discover some of our favourite uses. 

Corn Flour Pasta

Corn flour pasta makes a great gluten-free alternative to traditional pasta. Our go-to gluten free corn pasta is the delicious la Veneziana range produced by Molino di Fierro - which stands out for its quality and is renowned for its excellent texture that, unlike most gluten free pasta, holds up through the cooking process and satisfyingly holds sauces and condiments.

Our gluten-free pasta offering also includes other amazing GF alternatives like black organic soy fettuccine noodles, gluten-free tagliatelle, and penne rigate.

Pasta is such a convenient dish, perfect for almost any occasion - whether it’s a cold pasta salad on a summer's day, or a warm comforting bowl on a winter's evening - so why not have a browse at our gluten free pasta selection and find a new option for your hearty meals. 

Cornflour Bread & Breadsticks

For a delicious gluten-free bread substitute at any time of the day, try cornflour bread! Corn Flour and cornstarch are used in the making of deliciously soft and fluffy bread, flatbreads and breadsticks, like these delightful mini grissini by Le Veneziane. Made from Corn Flour and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, these crispy mini breadsticks are perfect served as an appetiser or snack with dips, spreads, cold meats, cheeses and olives!


Corn Flour Banana Pancakes

If you are in the mood for pancakes then you are in luck - as corn flour can be used to create the most fluffy GF banana pancakes you’ve ever experienced. Choose your favourite American-style or crepe recipe and go crazy with the toppings.

Corn Flour Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire Puddings are a classic part of any roast. While it is possible to buy gluten-free Yorkshires in your supermarket, why not use corn flour to make them the star of the meal? With corn flour, they are 10x bigger, 10x crisper, and overall just 10x better! It really is the secret ingredient. Regardless of whether you are gluten-free or not, we would recommend using corn flour as it gives puddings that extra puff! Using corn flour creates a light, crispy and huge Yorkshire pudding to the delight of all dinner guests.

Corn Flour White Sauce

If you want a delicious tasting gluten-free white sauce in a hurry, rest assured corn flour can step in for plain flour when it comes to making a roux - and will soon become indispensable. It’s a quick and easy sauce which is ready in 5 minutes using only a few ingredients. This silky smooth gluten-free white sauce will become the foundation for so many sauces you'll love, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Corn Flour Battered Chicken

Dreaming of a home-style KFC? Of course you are. Well, the good news is that you can indulge in this tasty (albeit slightly unhealthy) treat with the use of corn flour. So, there's no need to miss the finger-licking food taste just like the colonel made. 

Corn Flour Pizza

Pizza is the perfect all-in-one meal any time of the year! You can make your own gluten-free pizza using delicious corn flour. Perfect for a night in front of the TV, or a garden pizza party! Use fresh herbs and spring-inspired ingredients to create some unique and delicious combinations that you’re sure to love, with a tasty GF base.

Corn Flour Cakes & Cookies

For those with a sweet tooth, do not fear - you can use corn flour or cornstarch to make your own cakes and cookies. Corn flour is naturally gluten-free, however, this means that baked goods featuring corn flour won't produce the same rise as those made with wheat flour. They will, however, be tender and full of delightful flavour.

Try new Gluten-Free Corn Flour Products with Lavida Food

At Lavida Food, we believe that when it comes to food, your senses should be able to have it all, despite your allergies, or dietary choices.

That is why we have researched and travelled the world to supply the UK market with the best allergy-sensitive, healthy, and wholesome products that do not compromise on taste, quality, or texture.

Our gluten-free offering includes amazing GF alternatives made with corn flour, from brands such as Liberto and Semper - choose from corn flour lasagna sheets, tagliatelle, potato gnocchi, and more.