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Major Mistakes People Commit while following up Gluten-Free Diet

The majority of the population in the UK has been observed to shift to a gluten-free diet due to several serious health issues such as diagnosed celiac disease and gluten intolerance. However, it's not necessary to be a patient of any disease to go for a gluten-free diet. Many people who prefer a healthy or sensitive to some illness also seek gluten-free products earlier. Moreover, people who are on diet to lose weight also opt gluten-free diet as it helps in both losing and gaining weight in a healthy way. Thus, there is a prominent increase in the ratio graph of people following a gluten-free diet.

Basically, Gluten is a naturally occurring protein that is found in wheat, barley, spelt and rye. To add into your knowledge, let me state that not all carb-rich food need to contain gluten. For instance, rice and potatoes contain are natural gluten-free products. It's quite easy and simple to adopt a gluten-free diet with help of natural and some unique organic gluten-free food. Without any doubt, a gluten-free diet provides you with tremendous benefits but if not followed properly you may suffer from serious issues as well. So, whether planning to start a gluten-free diet or already following one, you should be aware of the mistakes most people commit while following the diet.

Intense Restrictions

According to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, it is stated that young adults following a gluten-free diet show a great interest in overall health and nutrition of their life. However, these youngsters are also likely to be preoccupied with weight and at times to lose weight they may opt unhealthy ways like smoking, relying of diet pills or purging.

Furthermore, a study of 2018 evaluated that people of age 25 to 36 years old set on their gluten-free diet, weight goals, weight control ways, food production, eating nature, physical health routine, and various other criteria. From this study, researchers concluded that people who go for a gluten-free diet are choosing a healthy choice, however the diet might not necessarily benefits overall health.

Just Focuses on what shouldn’t be eaten

The spokesperson at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Robin Foroutan, MS, RDN an integrative medicine registered dietitian states that excess amount of gluten is not always good for health. Therefore, it is stated that avoiding or reducing intake of gluten-free products is good idea for healthy life even for the people are who are not suffering from celiac disease. However, its as important as to eat right kind of food as its to avoid certain foods. Thus, you should not just focus on that these gluten fed product shouldn’t be eaten, you also need to focus on crabs and low-crabs whole grains.

Misleading concept of weight loss by avoiding gluten

We all are familiar with the fact that people suffering from gluten intolerance or sensitivity, but others have to also have control over the their gluten diet before it get adverse. Although, even if you don’t have any issue with gluten products, yet need to lose weight by following a healthy diet, then if you choose gluten-free products you’re misleading. Its not necessary to lose weight always by eliminating gluten food from your diet. It is described that weight loss is directly linked to the inflammation of the digestive tract which is the cause of gluten for some people. So, when people go for a gluten-free diet it reduces inflammation resultantly leads to weight loss.

Don’t eat enough whole grains

According to some study, it states that taking gluten-free diets can lower the intake of heart-healthy whole grains. In simple words, lesser intake of whole-grain increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, gluten-free products are highly recommended for people with celiac disease.

Going for gluten-free products is not always harmful for health. As long as you continue a diet focused on vegetables, fruits, high-quality proteins, healthy fats and slow-burning carbohydrates from starchy vegetables it is never going to disturb your healthy life balance. However, it is highly recommended to speak to a dietitian or a nutritionist before making any diet chart for following up in a daily routine. Yes, you through a new flavor to your life by opting for some delicious and tasty gluten-free food products without compromising on taste and flavor.