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Semper Organic Gluten Free Oats


Description A big pack of delicious, organic oat flakes that are specially handled during growing and harvesting to avoid gluten contamination from other grains. Enjoy these wholesome gluten free porridge oats as a creamy breakfast bowl, or use them as an ingredient in muesli and home bakes. Organic Gluten Free Suitable for coeliacs High in Fibre Source of protein Natural...

Semper Rosemary & Salt Gluten Free Swedish Crispbread


Description Try this gourmet, traditional, crispy Swedish crispbreads flavoured with delicious rosemary and salt. Baked in Semper's own little bakery in the heart of the Dalarna, this wonderful gluten free crispbread is created using traditional techniques. Semper’s glutenfree crispbrerad contains wholegrain pure, gluten free oats, it is free from gluten and lactose and baked without wheat starch. It is also...

Vanilla Flavoured Organic Protein Vegan Shake


Description This vegan Vanilla Flavoured Organic Protein Shake is not only a great way to increase your daily intake of protein, it is also a tasty, delicious option for those who are embracing a healthy, active lifestyle. Perfect for drinking on the go, either on your way to work or the gym, our organic protein shake offers a delicious drink...

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