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Le Veneziane Mini Grissini - Gluten Free Breadsticks with Italian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Description Made from Corn Flour and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, these crispy mini breadsticks are perfect served as an appetiser or snack with dips, spreads, cold meats, cheeses and olives. These mini grissini are so good, you will not even need to mention they are gluten free! Gluten-free Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nice bite-size pieces Weight: 250g Ingredients:...

Le Veneziane Mini Gluten Free Breadsticks With Sesame & Chia


Description Made in Italy, from corn flour and extra virgin olive oil, these mini cluten free breadsticks with sesame and chia seeds are perfect served as an appetiser or snack. Le Veneziane's famous focus on ingredients, quality and excellence means they are so good, you won't even notice they are gluten free! After that first delicious crunch, you’re sure to...