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Organic Gluten Free Linguine Pasta


Description An organic & delicious gluten free pasta from Italy. Made only with organic brown rice and water from the hills of Tuscany. The artisan rough texture captures and holds flavours and sauces, while the pasta allows for an ‘al dente’ experience . Great with a simple natural pesto or with tasty sea food. Gluten-free, Suitable for coeliacs. Artisan rough...

Le Venziane Ditalini


Description Le Veneziane a very special pasta. Le Veneziane is the line of gluten free pasta by Molino di Ferro, made with easy to digest 100% corn flour. Thanks to this quality, “Le Veneziane” are part of the light and healthy diet for people watching their weight, athletes involved in sports and for people who are gluten-intolerant. Rich in natural...

Le Veneziane Gluten Free Tagliatelle


Description At last a gluten free Tagliatelle. Try this super low fat, pasta with some smoked salmon (see our website for the recipe). This is a pasta that is so good the whole family will want it, they will feel better after eating it and you won’t have the risk of cross contamination with wheaten pasta. Of course you are...

Le Veneziane Gluten Free Spaghetti


Description Great for the kids with a traditional bolognaise sauce. This is a pasta you can serve not just to your own kids or nieces or nephews but to all the kids in your area without getting any complaints! Best of all if you do have a child in your family who needs to eat gluten-free they don’t have to...

Senza Glutine Le Venezaine – Wheat, Egg, & Lactose Free


Description The Le Venezaine corn gluten-free pasta is known worldwide for its characteristic golden colour that it gets from its rich natural carotenes (Vitamin A). Moreover, the delicate and gentle rich taste of the pasta lets it enhance flavour with any sauce. It tastes as delicious as the regular wheat pasta. Le Veneziana corn gluten-free pasta embodies traditional Italian pasta...

Le Veneziane Penne Rigate


Description This traditional penne pasta is excellent with just a simple tomato and basil sauce. If you want you can tell people it is gluten free but there really is no need. The only difference they will notice is how good they feel afterwards and of course they will wonder why they will also wonder why they are not feeling...