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Bob's Red Mill


We are pleased to announce that we’ve got the best gluten-free food production brand on our online board of Lavida Food. Everyone gets quite excited after hearing the story behind Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods production and its founders Bob & Charlee Moore. What Bob and Charlee have accomplished in the gourmet food industry in the UK while remaining true to themselves and their values keep inspiring.

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc of Milwaukie, Oregon was found in 1978, with an aim to move people back to healthy whole grain foods. It is famous worldwide and recommended by nutritionists as it produces simple, unrefined wholesome whole-grain foods rich with all required nutrition and fibre.

Bob’s Red Mill is considered a trusted source for gluten-free baking ingredients. Whether you are following some special diet or are restricted to avoid gluten for several medical reasons, Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free food items lets you enjoy delicious taste on your gluten-free diet as well. They are so confident in their gourmet food manufacturing as it goes through rigorous and extremely strict gluten-free protocols. Thus, clearing stating that nothing can interrupt their dedicated facility until and unless it has been tested in their in-house quality control laboratories and assured to be gluten-free. Therefore, whenever you notice the red GF or black GFCO logos on product labels, you can be tension free that they are safe and pure for gluten-sensitive or Celiac family member.

So, want to your gluten-free search of Bob’s Red Mill productions? Lavida Food makes your search easiest. There is no chance of compromising on taste in search of gluten-free food. From Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free grains, Bob’s Red Mill flours to Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free baking mixes everything is available at our online shopping store.