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Gluten Free Wholesale

We have a large range of gluten free products available for wholesale, including Pasta, Crispbread, Crisps, Breadsticks, Protein powder, Pâté, Oats, and much more. As gluten free wholesalers, you can count on us to deliver high quality, gourmet products that your client will love. If you are looking to offer new, wonderful, and exciting niche brands and products, then you have come to the right place! Why not take a look at our wholesale products page to discover the amazing brands that you could be offering to your customers.


Our extensive network allows us to provide top class distribution services to customers through the UK and Ireland, as well Europe-wide through our online store. 

If you are the manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, dietary gourmet foods that do not compromise on taste or texture, why not contact us? We could be just the team you need to bring your product to the market and on more kitchen tables.

Our Clients

Our clients include independent retailers such as Tree of Life, The Health Store, and CLF Distribution. We also supply our wide range of gluten free products to major online retailers like Amazon UK and Ocado.