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Le Pain Des Fleurs

Le Pain Des Fleurs is known as “The Break of Flowers” for providing wonderfully Organic Crunchy crispbread. Lavida Food promises to render taste well travelled from worldwide in the United Kingdom. Similarly, these Le Pain Des Fleurs crispbread is made from 100% genuine organic crispbread in France.

Le Pain Des Fleurs Organic crispbread gluten-free item is manufactured with the right amount of crunch, purely from natural, clean and simple ingredients. These ingredients used in manufacturing are gluten, dairy, and egg-free which are completely suitable for vegan. Le Pain Des Fleurs emerged originally sprung from a desire to promote the exceptional nutritional buckwheat seed, however, later on, expanded to include several other nutritionally appealing ingredients such as quinoa and chestnut as well.

The top 4 gourmet foods in the UK available by Le Pain Des Fleurs through Lavida Food are:

  • Le Pain Des Fleurs Organic Crispbread Gluten-Free Buckwheat
  • Le Pain Des Fleurs Organic Buckwheat with no added sugar or salt
  • Quinoa
  • Chestnut

Its unique phenomenon and long work experience made Le Pain Des Fleurs the market leader on the shelves and featuring several specialized organic shops. However, it has been almost 20 years, that Le Pain Des Fleurs has been gourmet food producers in the UK with their original idea that nature has the best to offer for a healthier diet. Moreover, the success of buckwheat toasts forced them to introduce new flavours that also became firm favourites of the brand just in no time.

Le Pain Des Fleurs Delicious Tastes

Just after introducing multigrain toast, Le Pain Des Fleurs was demanded to launch some other tasty flavours also. So, there were Onion Toasts and other sweet flavours were launched in the market. This providing fans to enjoy a wide range of their signature crispy texture of toasts at any time of the day, either from breakfast to dinner or via an afternoon snack and appetizers.