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Eat! Live! Love! Liberto!

It’s not just food, it’s part of the fabric of our lives.

Liberto came into existence by two passionate foodies who just loved to enjoy delicious, high quality, and organic gluten-free food, but without compromising any taste. They believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the same taste in healthier without compromising on taste. Therefore, they developed a quality range of delicious gluten-free products filled with natural goodness. So, whether suffering from the celiac, vegan or organic gluten-free item, Liberto has got something for everyone. One of the best distributors partners of Liberto is Lavida Food.



They believe that food is not just something that nourishes our bodies, rather it plays a much greater role in reality. So, to provide people with a healthy and wholesome diet without compromising on taste, Liberto got on Lavida Food online store. They want to spread their love and passion for food by developing an exciting range of quality and taste, filled with natural goodness to keep them gluten-free totally. For instance about how healthy food does Liberto provide you with, a single serving of 50 g Liberto Organic Bean pastas gives you a whopping protein 23g protein that is almost 46% of your RDA. This RDA contains 35% packs of your fibre plus contains incredibly 400% fewer carbos than traditional white pasta. You might assume such an amazing product to be made of bizarre ingredients but never with beans and water. That is what Liberto promises you about the totally gluten-free product, vegan and as promising to be fully organic.