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Introducing Semper, the leading Nordic gluten-free brand



As by the promise made by Lavida to bring the best taste from the best taste around the world. From these best flavours known worldwide, Semper has been one the best gluten-free food production brand in Sweden for over 20 years.

Semper is reputed as the best for its gluten-free products in the UK and the traditional Swedish method they use in manufacturing their signature knäckebröd (crispbread). Along with Lavida Food, they bring you an excellent quality range of gluten-free foods from crispbread to artisan linguine. So, enjoy all the tasty gluten-free diet including the tasty sweet treat of their moreish mint chocolate wafers. All Semper’s gluten-free products are 100% organic and suitable for Coeliacs.

Best Semper Gluten Free bread

Semper Linseed Crispbreads which is a famous gluten-free bread worldwide is delicately flavoured and deliciously thin. This gluten-free crispbread is manufactured with a refined source of fibre (containing 9.1g per 100g) and contains 10% linseed. The Semper Rosemary and Salt Crispbreads are purely made from gluten-free oats. Moreover, their crispbread has been awarded the title, “Free from Food Awards 2014’ also. The judiciary remarked that it is ‘Lovely rosemary flavoured crunchy crisp bread’, plus, “A great base for cheese – tangy and crisp”.

Tasty Crunchy Semper Gluten-free Crackers and Chips

The tasty and delicious range includes the savoury gluten-free treats of Semper Poppy Seed Crackers Chilli and Lemon Hummus Chips. These hummus chips are innovative gluten-free products made of 45% chickpea flour and specially cooked in rapeseed oil. If you are looking for some gluten-free and lactose-free snack that are suitable for Coeliacs, then these food items are the perfect nutritious ones.

Semper’s Organic Gluten-Free Products

People find quite a difficulty in scoring organic gluten-free artisan linguine. Semper’s organic gluten-free products are made in Italy and from only two ingredients; 100% brown rice flour and the water from the hills of Tuscany. Thus, resulting in a uniquely rough-textured pasta that is perfect for capturing and holding flavours sauces. This gluten-free pasta tastes finger-licking with simple natural pesto and tasty seafood.

You can also shop other basics for cooking and baking products such as gluten-free Fine White Flour and Organic Gluten-Free Oats from Semper. It guarantees that Fine White Semper’s Gluten-free Flour is an especial blend of gluten-free flours, starches and gums, resulting in fantastic textured and delicious backed food items like bread, cakes and biscuits. Whereas, Semper Organic Oats are taken under consideration from the growing to harvesting process for avoiding contamination of gluten with other grains. So, you can plan to use them for making porridge in the Swedish way – containing water and served with honey, stewed apple and milk. Thus, making a perfect healthy gluten-free breakfast for a cold morning.

Semper Gluten-Free Cookies and Biscuits

To sum up, Semper gluten-free cookies, biscuits and chunks are also worth mentioning. Here, we would like to mention our favourite one- Mint Wafer Bites with a cup of tea for an afternoon pick me up is the best combination. Moreover, you can also treat yourself with Semper’s Triple Chocolate Cookies which are made from 30% melt in mouth dark and white chocolate chunks.

Semper and Lavida Food

No doubts, it's quite difficult to find such a refined taste in your state. However, Lavida Food along with Semper has brought all the gourmet food in the UK available. So, we believe in providing taste well travelled, you can purchase all type of Semper Gluten-free food from Lavida Food without any difficulty.

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